Traditional kitchen living trends are back

The kitchen continues to evolve as the family hub of the home, where we spend time together; entertaining, eating, relaxing, studying. No longer just a high tech, functional space where we prepare meals; we want our kitchen to be welcoming and comfortable as a complete living space. Where dimensions and planning allow, customers are continuing to favour open plan designs, merging the living, dining, cooking areas into a family-friendly, usable space, where they can spend time together.

The specifics of kitchen design are, as always, personal preference led. Whether everything is concealed behind cupboard doors, or out on display; we still need access to our kitchen gadgets, and open shelving is increasing in popularity, delivering the opportunity to exhibit favourite pieces, and helping to define our personal style.

We are seeing a move away from the high-gloss styling of contemporary kitchens, with more rustic, warm designs stealing the limelight. There is a real trend towards textured, warmer, grainy finishes, which is why we created our Driftwood Kitchen range, which has a contemporary look with a wonderful rustic feel. We craft every unit from solid oak, which is pressure washed, scorched and finished with white lime before being given a tough matt top coat. Available in a range of colours, the Driftwood kitchen is simple, beautiful and truly unique.

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