Lighting in 3 Dimensions

Kitchen Lighting is now Three Dimensional !!

Back in the 1970’s one or two long fluorescent striplights, mounted in the middle of the ceiling, were the last word in kitchen lighting. Today, lighting zones, colours and layers, provide lighting where it is needed and add warmth and character to any room.

Creative lighting is best tackled when your new kitchen is installed and  Henderson and Redfearn Kitchens, whether classic or contemporary in design, incorporate the most effective and attractive lighting systems.


Overhead Lighting

General illumination is essential to the basic tasks of navigating and performing  simple everyday tasks. Ceiling mounted LED or Halogen Lights ensure safe passage and sufficient lighting to access storage cabinets.

If you have high ceilings, uplights, mounted on top of your cabinets can provide welcome additional light as well as adding to the overall lighting tapestry.


Task Lighting

For worksurfaces, away from wall cabinets or shelving, Ceiling mounted spotlights or lighting Pendants provide illumination over Sinks, Dining areas or Kitchen Islands. Where there are wall cabinets or Shelving, downlights can be recessed into the furniture to provide perfect lighting for food preparation or serving. Cabinet interiors can be accidentally shaded and here again, strategically placed lights can ease the task of searching for small or hidden items.


Light Emitting Diodes

Once only used as warning lights, LED’s have evolved into efficient, attractive  and versatile, low energy lighting solutions. They use very little power, fit in almost any available space and provide light, colour and interest wherever needed. Their cool running temperature will not warm the contents of your cupboards or accidentally burn your hands.


Accent Lighting

Once you have dealt with essential forms of lighting it is time to add some excitement and show off the features of your new room. Spotlights will highlight features such as Stainless Steel or Coloured Refrigerators, Breakfront Cabinets or highly polished Granite and Quartz worksurfaces.

As  well as task lighting, under-wall unit lighting can add a romantic glow when dining in the kitchen. Plinth lighting can provide a touch of glamour and add to the overall character of your Kitchen.  LED lights can even be recessed in floorswalls and decks to add a subtle, modern glowlighting effect.