The best material for making a cabinet is one that is that is fit for purpose and will last for the lifetime of the furniture.

We are talking of cabinet carcasses which are seen only when the doors or drawers are opened, for this reason, unless we are making open or glazed cabinets, the use of solid timber or exotic veneers is pointless.

For functional furniture such as a Contemporary Kitchens or Utility Rooms, carcasses made from high quality MFC ( Melamine Faced Particleboard ) are totally fit for purpose, easy to clean and attractive in appearance. Should you prefer a painted interior to match your kitchen doors, the cabinets can be made from MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard ) which is then painted in a matching (or contrasting ) colour. Water resistant board is used for bathroom furniture. For maximum strength and durability, your cabinets can be made from Plywood which is very stable and can be veneered in an attractive timber finish or painted as required.

Having decided on your cabinet material, the next question is as to the materials to use for your drawers, pull-out shelves and accessories such as cutlery trays and larder racks. Whichever material you choose, your drawers will be supported on concealed steel runners which open and close easily and quietly.

In a high-tech kitchen, Stainless Steel drawer boxes with matching saucepan drawers are the perfect choice. In contemporary or traditional rooms, the choice may be to match your cabinet material and use either painted MDF, Plywood or Solid Timber. Cutlery and Utensil dividers are constructed to hold any choice of Kitchenware and can be beize lined to protect your best Silver. Pull-out shelves can be Chrome Plated, Painted Metal, Painted MDF, Veneered or Painted Plywood. Larder Racks are generally made from timber which is then either Painted or Lacquered.

The choices we offer to our clients reflect the pride we have in our craftsmanship and our aim to provide you with furniture which looks stunning and works without fuss.