Our Craftsmanship

Take one look at a Henderson and Redfearn kitchen and you know it has been hand-crafted. The intricate details, perfected joints and unique design features are just a few giveaways, but it is also its incredible ability to look like it belongs, complimenting your home and its unique style.

Above all, the traditional methods we use to craft your dream kitchen are what Henderson and Redfearn pride ourselves on. We have established a highly regarded balance between new and exciting product innovations and good old fashioned craftsmanship. While we will regularly attend design shows and exhibitions to stay ahead of trends, there is no replacement for the aesthetics and pure quality of traditional craftmanship.

Where other companies may sacrifice these methods for a quicker turnaround, time-honoured craftsmanship is largely what our service is about. We have built a high profile reputation on our long-term commitment, working in partnership with every client on what always becomes a very exciting project.

When you commission a Henderson and Redfearn kitchen, it is not a case of measuring readymade cupboards to see how many we can fit in your room. Instead, each cupboard, cabinet, workspace and feature is a one-off design, tailor made to fit your home and its treasured nooks and crannies.